Bind My Wandering Heart by Andy Luce

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Pack comes with two tattoos of this design.

"My wife, Liz, and I decided to take a year away from the US and travel throughout Europe. We wanted to be part of a world unknown to us and see the way others lived outside of what we knew. We sold our belongings, donated our car and left Chicago headed first to France. We explored and adventured, ate foreign foods and chatted in new languages, making friends along the way. We saw more than more than 75 cities in 9 countries. It was a beautiful season of life which has left a huge impact on our hearts and minds. 

With my tattoo, I was focusing on the scripture 1 Samuel 7:12, and it’s expression within the classic hymn “Come Thou Fount” penned in 1757 by Robert Robinson. Emerging from a season of exploration and travel, this phrase has continued to speak volumes to my heart. Though I’ve been living in a spirit of transition, I’ve been bound to the Father through it all. He truly has been a stone of sound foundation."


Designed by Andy Luce