This is pretty simple stuff but here are some answers to questions people may have:

Q - How long do the tattoos last?

A - It depends on a couple different factors, but generally they look good and are readable for 3-4 days. We have a friend who has worn the same one for weeks (his hygiene habits are currently under investigation...)

Q - Can I get rid of my tattoo early if I need to?

A - If you have family photos coming up and your mom doesn't want your tattoo showing you can use a variety of methods to wash it off pretty quickly. Any sort of exfoliant/scrub works wonders, rubbing alcohol will get rid of it in a jiffy, and most face washes will make it disappear.

Q - Can I buy individual tattoos?

A - Sure. We do custom orders starting as low as 50 tattoos.

Q - My tattoo reads backwards what should I do?

A - It will look backwards until you put it on. Go ahead and put it on then it will read correctly.

Q - I want to buy a ton of these for my church or I want to sell these in my store...what should I do?

A - Why thanks for the interest. Shoot us an email at info@armedwithtruth.com...we would love to hear from you.

Q - Can you print (enter favorite verse here)?

A - Sure. Check out our custom verse page for more info. If you have a theme or topic you would like to see just shoot us an email. We are always open to new ideas!

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Got any more questions/suggestions/comments? We love hearing from people.