It Is Well

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Pack comes with two tattoos of this design. Each tattoo has a small version and a large version of the design that you can cut and place where you would like. You will get two large and two small versions of this design.

"It Is Well" phrase from the hymn penned by Horatio Spafford in 1876. Spafford lost his 2 year old son in the Chicago Fire, was brought to financial ruin, and when he sent his wife and four daughters ahead of him on a trip to Europe, the ship collide with another and sank, with only his wife surviving. 

Even in the midst of tragedy and pain, God's goodness and faithfulness transcends our circumstances. We often don't have the strength to believe that, much less proclaim it to others, only through the Holy Spirit is such strength possible. 

Designed by Marvin Harrell